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Originally Posted by hendrix1 View Post
I converted (almost) my 1986 pickup from a 22r to a 22re. Bought all parts from Jims salvage, and installed myself. Cant get it started, it back fired once and I stopped so i wouldn't do any damage to my rebuilt motor. I'm not a mechanic but am mechanically inclined. Truck has been in my garage for almost two years (was in afghan for one of those years). Time for a professional to take over. Need some recommendations.
i converted my 84 to fuel injection "RE" i can take a look at it for you. i would first double check top dead center, and check the distrbuitor is at the correct point. (should be about 10 oclock position) IIRC. and also make sure that while doing this that the camshaft is also at TDC with the crank. these motors are very simple. so as long as the basics are good then it should run.
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