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I can actually pick high or low on the locknroll receiver side, by rotating it 180, but I'm already flipped so the tongue is as high as it gets. I still think it'll go up a couple inches once I get a new bumper, so could be a moot point.

My total cost was about $2200. Few hundred bucks more for the LockNRoll hitch, also getting a new axle was more too. Other upsells included having him paint the whole thing, also the rear receiver, and the little railing around the deck. dave @ if you want to get more specific, but figure $1500-$2500 from low to high end.

Stabilizers? I'm still using jack stands. I have a milk crate inside that I just toss them in, along with a set of 3-6" pieces of 4x4's for added height. I picked up a set of RV jack stands at a garage sale this summer to upgrade some of the HF 2 tonners, they have threaded rods but the procedure is the same- get the camper level side to side (usually by digging a hole for the tire on the high side) then lower the tongue so the back is about 3" too high, then position rear jack stands. Crank up the tongue until it's an inch or two too high, then position front jack stands. Lower tongue and the camper is supported 7 ways- 2 wheels, 4 jack stands, and the tongue jack (usually left with little load)

I had to remove my ladder to compensate for the bigger tires, also my wiring is is a mess in front- a flat 4 extension cord from the Depot got me by, but I need to clean it up and actually install the battery. I'm keeping the propane inside as well, just putting it on the deck once I unload the bike, not sure if I'll do a permanent mount for that or not. My best estimate is tongue weight is around 250 pounds, unloaded, so any battery, propane, motorcycle, or piece of firewood just adds to that.
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