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I agree with Isaac about the blaze orange. I would put lots of it on anything I didn't want holes shot in. Also there are some new laws that were introduced a few years back about interfering with hunting. Below is a little snippet from the hunting brochure.
I don't think most people care if you are just passing through an area, but then again there are always those that are buttheads.
As far as areas open to hunting most everything in the national forests or on many of the states lands will blanketed with hunters.

"Interfere with hunters. This includes distracting
or frightening prey; causing prey to flee by
using light or noise; chasing prey on foot or by
vehicle; throwing objects; making movements;
harassing hunters by using threats or actions;
erecting barriers to deny access to hunting areas
and intentionally injecting yourself into the line
of fire. Violators face prosecution and may have
to pay victim’s damages and court costs."
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