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Default Fall Elk Bugling

I rifle hunt first season and spend a few weeks calling them in for fun in the Flat Tops in late Sept. We are pretty protective of our spot. Thus, I just prefer to post in the members section.

My hunting buddy Dan and I called in this bull on our first evening in our area. He is a beauty. We are calling him the beaded bull and hope to connect with him next week - 1st season. I got some of the best video footage yet. He came in real close. I still need to edit the footage down and post it. Here are a few screen shots.

Side story. I took the footage Friday evening. Continued down to the end of the trail near a cliff to spend the night. It was dark. I dropped my camera and it rolled off the cliff. I recovered it the next morning smashed. To my dismay the data was being recorded to the internal memory not the removable chip. Found a write up about an intern that figured out how to recovery the internal data on a similar camera to mine. I just got it back from the data recovery service today. It also had my Moab escalator footage on it. Whew!
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