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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
No kidding. I had no idea it was illegal to use radios while hunting, particularly since they are marketed for that exact use.

I have not read the law on this one specifically but you should be able to use the radio while hunting as long as its not in an effort to hunt. Much like you can't drive animals into another hunter. But if its for "hey I just shot an elk please come and help me pack it out" I don't think there is an issue with that. But you can't use it to communicate "hey there are a lot of elk over here come and shoot one". At least that is the way I understand it.

I use my phone when hunting. Sometimes because I'm bored to surf the forum and then to summon the pack team to help me get an animal out. But never to give me any advantage during the hunt.

Back to the original question. I'd just avoid areas you know are being hunted and wear the same orange requirements that hunters are familiar with. That is what we area looking for. Personally I hunt in an area not used recreationally as it has no maintained points of access for the public.
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