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Exactly, Jeff. Sure seems like a little gray area to me.. you can use the radio to meet for lunch, or come help field dress what I just shot, but you wouldn't use it to communicate the potential location of an animal? From the Field Test...

A partner and myself used a set of the Rino 120's on several different hunts this past year. Not only did they work great for communicating with each other over a variety of broken mountainous terrain, the GPS functionality was very simple to use and made easy work of finding camp and the truck. They were truly waterproof, as I got caught in some severe downpours that didn't affect the Rino in the slightest and the AA batteries lasted for several days under almost constant use.

While the radio and GPS functioned flawlessly, the best part was when I heard my partners' voice come over the Rino one afternoon. "Hey, I found a great draw over here with lots of sign, you want to come check it out?"

"Sure" I replied, "I see your position now and will be over in a bit - should only take me 20 minutes or so, see you then."
Someone school me on hunting terms. Does "a great draw over here with lots of sign, you want to come check it out" have anything to do with "using radios or aircraft to spot wildlife and communicating via the radio the wildlife's location to another person?" I really don't have a bone to pick here, just think it's kind of interesting.

And ok, I'll be sure to wear orange, thanks!
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