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Default Not a 70, but cool anyway

Found this little gem in Italy last week. LHD, manual, diesel, 2 dr landcruiser. I'm pretty sure this is aka Prado, but it didn't say it anywhere on it.
My wife's maiden name is Prado, so we thought it was funny. Meh...

Brochure on it:
And web:

Think of it as what the FJ cruiser really should have been if it wasn't going to be a 70 series variant.
If you skipped the diesel, I bet you could import this in a snap by showing how it's really just a Lexus. Diesel would be a bit tricky. Funny though, as to why nobody thinks to import from Italy. Everything in Italy is LHD and a manual. Most things are diesel, and most people there speak English pretty well. And if you like D90's holy....those things are everywhere. Modern 60th anniv D90's too.
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