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The problem with laws is, the limitations of language. The laws were put in place in response to specific abuses, such as using spotters in the field to 'round up' elk or push them toward their buddies, using radios to communicate position. There were a group of immigrants in fact who brought up all of their buddies - without licenses - to do just that. Worked in the old country, worked here.

Not sporting.

The guy who got me into big game used to do similar stuff, just not necessarily with radios, and everyone had tags. I never hunted elk with him but my friend did. He was usually the 'pusher'.

It would be a different scenario to report sign to a hunting buddy, or to let him know that the animal you shot is headed toward him, or that you spotted a herd out of your range but possibly in his. But reading the law makes that gray, now. Not sure that was the intention.

Frankly I have found the DOW to be reasonable, and a call to a warden might be educational.

We usually turn on the radios when we hear shots. The worst thing that can happen is when someone wants to be chatty when you are sitting still in the woods and maybe hear a telltale 'crack'...
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