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Update: Running strong. Strange to not have to add oil.

#1 -- I chased down a slow coolant leak. It was from one of the short straight firewall heater hoses. Turned the hose clamp and it went away. But it was a bugger to find because it only leaked a few dozen drops between the time some pressure built in the system and then stopped when it got to operating temp. The drip came out by the PHH, so I thought it might be that, but the super PHH kit silicone hose many years old now) is still like new.

Huge props to Robbie who a month ago said I should look for a hose and who two days ago, when I finally for the first time saw the drip as I was filling tires and the truck was warming up (maybe the cold weather helped) and then saw the drip stop when it got hot but could not see the source, told me to go get a pressure tester (thank you Advance auto free loaner program)

#2 -- The triple fan pulley I installed with prospect of maybe adding on board air hits the back of the AC belt, making noise and causing wear. I'll be taking it off for now.
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