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Originally Posted by hendrix1 View Post
I checked everything again and again. Finally I gave up a little piece of my man hood and towed my truck to a shop. They told me my ECU may be bad. It has power going in but none going out to the injectors. How do I know for sure my computer is bad, and where should I get another one? Was quoted almost $500 for a new one.
Unfortunately, you may need to find a different shop. Or maybe the "shop" needs to give you some more info, such as "how did they determine that there was no power to the injectors?" IOW, what was the actual test they did?

As I think I wrote previously, it is not too hard to simply apply 12V to an injector to determine if it is working.

A critical piece of information we need to know is whether this ECU was working before the transplant?
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