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Originally Posted by EugeneL View Post
I've watched youtube videos and visited the Moab site for min. requirements. My question is, what works best? Which tire size, amount of lift, wider axles, diff locks that work best and how long do you stay on the trails? Do you pack your own food, camping gear and water?
Trail times vary from 5 to 7 + hours. Major break down and you hear stories of mid night or later on the trail. Yes pack a lunch daily and bring plenty of liquids.

Hard to say what set up is best. Some guys swear by 33" tires and dual lockers. I am running 36" tires, 5.5 inches of lift, low gears, dual lockers, V8 and am still at 90 inch wheel base. Took me a full season to learn how to drive it without flipping it. My advice is don't follow an 80 over obstacles! Pick a 40 line or follow an experienced 40 driver with enough patience to get you through the trail safely.
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