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Default Compression Check Now what?

I checked the compression as a result of my findings on my leaky advice thread: I changed just about everything except rear seal. Seems sluggish in second.

Test was performed at 6000+ ft in elevation (if that matters).
I was not able to warm engine up to operating temp.
All plugs out.
C1 - 105
C2 - 105
C3 - 102
C4 - 105
C5 - 105
C6 - 105

Added some oil to C1 - C3 and came up with
C1 - 125
C2 - 110
C3 - 128

I'm guessing, even if it were +/- 10 psi for cold engine and other sundry things I'm on the bottom end of the scale.

Plugs for C4 and C3 had a lot of oil on the ceramic part. There's a lot of oil laying on top of the valve cover where the spark plug wires lay (before running the test). Throttle body has light residue of oil (just PCV probably). New PCV valve and hose. Plugs were not wet but had slight white residue on one side.

Uses 2 quarts every 440 miles.

I'm trying to determine what, if anything, I need to do to the engine.
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