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I'm chuckling because you are like the fifteenth person to ask me if I've done the valve cover gasket yet. The answer is no but judging by 15 other people I'd better get on it eh?

The sparkplugs looked decent to me on the electrode side. Some of them had a lot of oil on the outside (sparkplug boot side). Others have said sparkplug gaskets are bad but I don't understand if that's something on the sparkplug or on the valve cover (or some kind of silly joke).

All I'm really hoping for on the "modified leakdown" test is to get enough pressure in the cylinder to cause me to be able to hear a leak if there is one. Use of the compression tester in this case would be to just allow me to recognize when to start listening (when compression is building or built). Once I determine if there is a leak or not will tell if I am going to spend money on a new valve cover gasket and sparkplug gaskets. If I have to do work on the engine I'd hate to do the valve cover gasket only to have to do it again.

I'll DEFINITELY heed your warnings!
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