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Well I tried my "modified leakdown" test and it was pretty much a red, blistered, belly-flop. I installed the plugs in 5 cylinders and the compression tester in the 6th. I manually turned the crank, like 75, 1/5th turn, turns and could only get the guage to deflect like 1 or 2 psi.

I think I understand better why you put air into the cylinder on a leakdown test: you find the compression stroke and then pressurize the cylinder instead of relying on the actual compression because if you didn't you'd only get like 1 or 2 psi when crank is turned manually.

So, as I laid there under the steering stabilizer resting my arms I came up with a few questions. 1. Both cylinders 1 and 6 are on the compression stroke at the same time?

2. If I can pull the steering stabilizer braket into place with one hand to bolt it to the frame does that mean I need a new one?

3. Seems like the crank turns clockwise (if standing at front looking toward engine) Is that right?

Anyway, I could probably answer my own questions if I weren't so tired.
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