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After years of super difficult hunting. I finally got lucky and had a bull walk out in front of me on opening day. Near the trail and only a half mile from the truck. Granted he was small but I'll take it. A minute later a larger 5x5 wanted to exit our direction and walked right in front of us for my friend to shoot. My other friend Dan had to hunt hard unsuccessfully for the rest of the season. Then on the final day he shot the famous "Bearded Bull" that we bugled in to us in Sept.

The 4Runner was totally maxed out with 3 elk and gear. There was only a inch or so of snow left. I didn't think it would be a problem getting out. But, on a few steep hills in the trees with all that weight I only barely made it out. I was gunning up a hill and slid around and toward some trees. I stay on the gas down into a ditch and barley made it. It would have been an ugly winch fest otherwise.
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