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Now why didn't I think of that. That's awesome. Only problem I have is that I have to turn the crank to position cylinder at TDC on compression stroke from _underneath_ the vehicle. I can't see what the heck is going on upstairs. For instance if I stuck a pencil in the spark plug hole and watched it go up and down to find approximate TDC. I'll have to recruit the wife to be the pencil watcher.

That brings up a couple questions. If I found TDC on compression stroke for cylinder 6 then I could jump to cylinder 1 and be at the same position right? Also, how many rotations of the crank would bring cylinder 2 or 5 to TDC on compression stroke (if starting from cylinder 1 on TDC compression stroke)?

I thought the crank went 4 times around per "cycle". Once for Intake, once for compression, once for exhaust, once for ??? good measure? Or maybe it is just three times around?

Thanks for the help!!!
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