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Originally Posted by Gerdo View Post
The more I think about what you encountered, the more I think about how you may have saved his life. I know that allowing someone into your rig, especially as disoriented as he was, could have been dangerous. BUT some of his disorientation could have been due to hypothermia. Allowing him to warm up in your rig could have saved his life.

Personally I give you an attaboy.
I appreciate that, and you may be right. My wife feels like we were there for a reason. Who knows? Leaving the guy there was out of the question. We thought about what could have happened if we weren't right there at that exact time. He was already worn down, and he had about 5 or 6 miles to go still. (If he happened to walked in the right direction)

The sun was getting high enough that he probably would have warmed up even if we never showed up. But, the highs were only in the 40's that day. At that temperature and with the snow on the ground a mere slip or a twisted ankle may have ended his life.

I'm thankful we were there and I hope if meth was involved, this was a wake up call for him.
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