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Originally Posted by EugeneL View Post
This is all really good information. Just to recap:
1) fix all leaks
2) 33-35" tires
3) locker for rear (ARB or OEM), front optional
4) roll cage
5) food and plenty of water
6) transfer case and tranny in good shape
7) 2.5-4" lift
8) winch
9) 16" rims
10) upgrade axles
11) disc brakes on front and rear
12) power steering
13) engine and power steering oil, grease, spare fan belt and water for radiator
14) tools- high lift jack
15) first aid kit
16) sun screen
Did I forget anything? Please post if I did. I eventually want to setup to overland. I'd like to build a trailer.
That looks like an incredibly expensive list. Remember J. Kimmels post about the crown vic. As long as your rig is mechanically sound; I'd wheel it in Moab as is. However, I'd grab a Moab Guide Book and research the trails you plan on running beforehand. Most of the harder obstacles have a "go around". Without question you'll know where to put your money after Cruise Moab.
Since CM is not for awhile I'd install a cage and a rear automatic locker. If you decide that an auto locker isn't for you, sell it and splurge for a selectable- ARB or otherwise.
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