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Later that afternoon we said goodbye to the Nay family, who chose to return to Arches and the camp they had left that morning. Was cool to wheel with the Avocado for a little bit and spend some time with them, glad they joined us for at least the day. Bruce & Judy did an additional hike that afternoon, while I led the families on one of my now infamous “get lost right behind camp” hikes, a journey that took us up, under, through, and between the spectacular slot canyons that surround the area. I think every kid was hand lifted up or down something at least 6x… what a cool hike.

The next day we set out over SOB hill to the Joint Trail, where the awesomeness actually eclipsed the prior day, treating everyone to the amazing adventure that trail has to offer, one of those you really need to just see for yourself. Just before the Chesler Park look-out section, Bruce & Judy again set out for some additional hiking challenge and tackled the Druid Arch trail, while the rest of the families headed back for a leisurely lunch. SOB hill is actually a little big dug out again, and offered a nice challenge coming back uphill towards camp.

That afternoon was more camp exploring, digging, vehicle mod discussions, and relaxing, all the stuff you hope to do while on vacation. It was dinner time before we knew it, a little windier on Saturday but nothing we couldn’t handle. That’s also the end of my pictures…. I will see if I can get a few from the real photographer of the family, until then here you go.
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