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Yesterday was a long day in the car, but worth it. I hit every single piece of armor on my truck coming back down E-Hill, that aluminum makes a horrendous sound when you smash rocks against it... but after inspection I can't even really see a scratch, cool. We were aired up at the visitor's center by 11:30, did a quick lunch there then headed back north. We were back home at 7:30, with really only one stop in Dillon for dinner. Was delighted that there wasn't much I-70 traffic.

I really like Moab in October- the leaves are totally peaking down there.... so if you didn't get enough of that a few weeks ago in Colorado, you get to see it again in Utah. Also, it gets dark at about 7:00... which is sweet for roasting marsh mellows and still getting the kids to bed at a reasonable time. In fact, even with a couple extra "adult hours," we were still going to bed at 10:00 or so.. kinda lame by some standards, but also kinda cool when everyone's up at first light. We're totally going back next fall.
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