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Default Mohawk Lake and Argentine Pass

We stayed up in Breckenridge this weekend and wanted to check out Crystal Lakes, but the gate to the trail was closed. We decided to hike up to Mohawk Lakes instead and check out Continental Falls and the cabins and mines in the area on Saturday. It was a really nice hike, and we saw a family of mountain goats at the top of upper Mohawk Lake. It was actually pretty intimidating because I walked around a corner and came within about 20 feet of them, and they all stopped for a moment, checked me out, then walked away. The waterfalls were fun to see, and the hike was nice. It was a pretty crowded trail surprisingly as we saw at least 30 people at various points of the trail.

Sunday we did Argentine Pass with less hiking, and it was a nice, picturesque route as well. It was pretty busy too with lots of hunters coming down off the mountain - most were nice but some were driving carelessly and fast down off the hill which was not cool. We made it all the way to the top save for the last little stretch because there were some snow drifts that looked like they may cause issues, and it was getting late in the day (4:30pm) to deal with a stuck situation. Here's some various pics from the trip!
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