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Thanks guys. Yes Shawn, I only saw the road grading crew out there until Friday. Deer season started on Saturday, so the west side was lousy with hunters Friday evening.

On with the report.

Day 2 – Colorado River Camp to Dewey Bridge to Grand Junction via Kokopelli

I woke up early, had to wait for it to get light. Grabbed a cup of coffee and heard a hubbub on the river.

It was just some ducks:

A few minutes later something moved on the river. I saw it out of the corner of my eye:

WTF? There were 2 of them:

They were otters!

That explained the splashing in the night. It was not in fact Gollum fishing.

Alright. My plan for the day was to make my way south to the Lake Bottom ford and cross the Dolores. Proceed to Dewey and determine my best next move depending on the time. Get cell service to check in and communicate my itinerary before proceeding. Priorities change when you are going it alone!

Here is my route from camp to Dewey:

Here are some shots from this portion:

Looking back toward camp:

Same shot zoomed in on campsite:

My route paralleled the river, so I did a bit of side road exploring:

Found a decent desert campsite off the river:

And a few nice ones on the river:

Then I hit the mother lode. This spot was right on the river and could easily house 20 or 30 trucks:

And it comes with a tire swing:

And a ready stock of firewood:

Don’t forget the fire pit (bigger than my truck):

Some more shots of Mega Camp

Reluctantly I headed back out to the main road and continued south:

Arrived at the intersection. Left to Granite Creek and Gateway via Sheep Creek, right to the river and Dewey Bridge:

Some shots along this stretch:

Crossed the Dolores at Lake Bottom in the usual spot. Water was only about hub deep.

Arrived at Entrada Bluffs next to Dewey:

Based on the time and fuel gauge I determined that my best move would be to run the Kokopelli backwards to Grand Junction, refuel and spend the night there. I took zero pictures on this leg mainly because a) I was trying to make time and b) my iPhone GPS decided to demonstrate its inability to lock a signal if you are driving any direction except south. Route finding was difficult and there was a lot of guesswork involved. Lesson learned.

I did find most of the route and ran it. It seemed a little too close to civilization after my time out in the Triangle. I even saw people for the first time since leaving GJ! Anyway, I bailed off the Kokopelli at Harley Dome, which is the first I70 exit in Utah. It was getting dark and I didn’t want to chance it on fuel running solo. Made it back to GJ and planned up for the next day: GJ to Moab via Granite Creek, Sheep Creek, Gateway and John Brown Canyon. Hopefully I can get that section posted up tomorrow.
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