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Originally Posted by Corbet View Post
Anyone ever use these?

Not the most popular vendor I know. I pulled one of my rear axles out tonight and the hub studs have a fair share of corrosion. Other side is soaking in penetrating oil overnight. Considering replacing them.
I've used them and they work fine. I'm not sure what issues people have with Trail-Gear but I've bought tons of stuff from them. They have the best prices, their customer service and return policy have always been good and I have never had a complaint about them. I never had any of their stuff break either, even the stuff they manufacture themselves.

Keep in mind the studs you are buying are made by ARP, reagrdless of who is selling them, and they are considered the standard in the industry for making the highest quality/strength threaded connectors of all types. I used to break the knuckle studs in the Meanie (GM 1 tons axles) until I replaced them with ARP studs, they haven't broken since.

They may be overkill in your application but it never hurts to beef things up a little.
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