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Not playing on a urban myth. First hand experience. I have no reason to lie. I have tested two vehicles with my snap on compression tester. Using the same technique, but in different locations. One a 85 4 runner I had for 15 years. I tested it in San Diego before I moved to Santa Fe, nm. It tested with in 5 psi of sea level and elevation in Santa fe. I also tested a truck I bought in Florida and then again in Santa Fe. Again with in 5 psi of what it read in Florida. Funny thing this is.
I have wondered at times how this can be, when everything I have read says some thing else. But you know, strange things happen, they can even slow down the speed of light these days, A human can fall faster than the speed of sound, with only being in a space suit. All things that one thought was not possible. Even one time the world was thought to be flat.
I have been testing Cruiser engines for a long time, I have not found that significant reading from normal in the book to treat it any different than What the book states.
Go figure it all. Take it for it is worth.
Randy you should at least quote the source, other wise it is Plagiarizing. Not a good thing in this world.
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