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Originally Posted by Corbet View Post

Why do you replace them at every rebuild? The OEM torque spec is so low I can't see a lot of fatigue issues. Mine are just rusty so I'm thinking about it.
Not every rebuild, but every first rebuild that I do. That way I know the condition they are in when I start with them. There's a lot of stress and strain that can hide in those studs, so I like to start with a fresh set for my stuff. I tend to drive pretty smoothly, and I don't have anything in the way too much power/super big tires range, so it's just so that I know the studs haven't been overstressed in the past that I replace them the first time I rebuild something.

Originally Posted by nuclearlemon View Post
When chris started trailmart, he was.working for marlin and he essentially stole all of marlins product designs, then undercut marlin and released marlins new products before marlin. Chris no longer is involved with trail gear, nut many don't know that and/or still hold a grudge. Even the toy pickup crowd gets defensive when someone messes with a great person/vendor
That's my reason. My wife gets a Christmas card from Marlin. We're loyal. I have no experience dealing with Trail Gear directly, but that's the reason I stay away.

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