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Yeah, I hear you. As I am finding out compression tests could be nit-picked for a lot of things. I'm comfortable using the adjustment Randy mentioned for altitude because it makes sense. And I am also learning that in conjunction with one of the URLs I posted earlier the compression test is just an indication of what cylinders need to be inspected further, as in leak down or scope. If the compression is low and there are no valve leaks or blow-by rings then by physics the cylinder will perform correctly.

I believe his source was on Evo as I did a search on Bing for something related and was reading some information on an Evo sight that was word for word what he posted.

It's not the end of the world that they are low. It actually makes sense since It has 247K. I can now conceptually account for where the oil is going. Some out the intake manifold (which I've seen oil in the throttle body), some out the rings (oil on top of valve cover leaking by the spark plug gaskets) and some is leaking out of rear seal and some out of valve cover gasket. I do believe it would account for 2 quarts.

And 2 quarts is just what I put in when it was may have only went through 1.5 quarts or something.
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