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Default Med kits and training

The events of last weekend made me realize that the current med kit I have in the truck is woefully inadequate. That situation was beyond my control but anything beyond a small cut/scrape and I'd be hosed. I'd like the kit to be able to handle the usual bumps, bruises and scrapes but given our outdoor lifestyle (kids included), it's also important to handle multiple scenarios that we might come upon on the trail. Fractures, sprains, dislocations, possible puncture wounds, exposure.

Travis posted a list on my other thread and I've copied it here as a starting point. One thing I'm considering adding is QuikClot. Does anyone have any thoughts on airway management?

1. Medical Gloves
2. Pocket CPR mask
3. Epi Pen (allergic reaction)
4. Benadryl (allergic reaction)
5. Trauma Shears (Cutting Clothes)
6. Tourniquet/constricting bandage
7. SAM Splint
8. Triangle bandage (sling)
9. Roll of Gauze
10. Gauze pads
11. Eye washer
12. Ice packs
13. Glucose (diabetic/low blood sugar)
14. Tweezers (splinters, thorns, glass removal, etc)
15. Band-Aids, Hydrogen Peroxide, Neosporin
16. Thermal/Emergency Sleeping Bag

The other side of this first aid training. I've been through an EMT course but it's been years and I didn't keep up with the certification. Given work and family life, finding time to go through a full class is not really in the cards. There's a Wilderness First Aid class coming up at REI Boulder in December. I'm thinking of starting there and then finding a provider for the Wilderness First Responder course.

Comments? Opinions? Advice?
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