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Your list looks fine. NPA, OPA and whatever airway management system you're proficient with. I would skip the QuickClot and Chitosan dressings if I were you. I don't know if pressure bandages were on your list, but that would be worth having as well as a liberal amount of Kerlix and some Ace wraps. For bleeding a couple of pairs of hemostats should be good and maybe some 3.0 nylon with a decent size needle to close up the big stuff. If you're still feeling a little high speed maybe have a saline lock and a 14G or 16G cath ready to go. Maybe a 10G for NCD, but the likelihood of you actually having to do a decompression is extremely low.

Nothing you do in the field saves lives. It can only hasten or retard how long it takes for them to die. Trauma surgeons save lives. I think it's 0.3% per minute is the rate of decline on average for abdominal bleeds. In otherwords, for every minute that goes by the patient has 0.3% less of a chance of surviving.

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