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Default Moab in buggies

Woody, Mark K and I took three RZRs out to Moab this last weekend getting in at 4 on Friday. That evening we ran Hells Revenge including all obstacles and then ran Fins and Things afterwords. Back on the trailer eating mexican by 6PM.
Saturday we ran Poison Spider/Spike/Goldbar, turned around, ran backwards to truck parked at Poison trail head, worked on a flat for an hour, and then ran Cliff Hanger, again, eating by 6. Today we ran Moab Rim all the way to the top and down in 1 hr, showered...again and drove home. Unbelievable trip. Basically 10 trails in a day and a half. RZRs rock. They walked every obstacle we pointed them at including escalator, double whammy, etc. We also found three different routes across the crack on Spike. Sorting pics, but one shot of Mark not paying attention on Moab Rim. Great photo op though.
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