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Originally Posted by Snowrun View Post
That is a great setup. A 300 Blackout with a can in on my bucket list.
How uncomfortable is it to shoot without muffs? BTW if you up around Denver and want to do a shooting day give me a ping. (I am a member of a private club with a 1000 yard range)
I was about 50 yards away across a corn field when my son shot his deer with it... I saw him walking toward me and assumed he had not gotten one until I saw the big smile on his face. I never heard the shot.
I would compare it to a pellet gun-- the bullet striking the target is louder then the report.
It takes some getting used to with the bullet drop. I put a nightforce on it with the new MOAR reticle and with a rangefinder it is pretty quick and easy to figure out and shoot confidently. Some expanding bullets would definitely help though as even a subsonic OTM bullet goes right through.
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