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Originally Posted by Red_Chili View Post
Regards WVO and fuel tanks... coat it. Done. Had an issue with ethanol and a Ducati plastic tank, coating fully resolved the issue.

My DI Powerstroke will run on WVO, used motor oil, mixed diesel and gas... probably hemp squeezin's... so I don't get the DI vs. IDI difference there.
I don't know if I would ever try and run WVO in my 7.3, but who knows if the price of diesel keeps outpacing regular gas at this rate we may be paying over $5.00gal before we know it.. I still like the mechanical injection of the MB..

Originally Posted by Red_Chili View Post
BTW... how are you getting away with a diesel conversion on a 1995 4Runner in the front range? Gonna be sweet, but still...
It will be regestered at our OTHER property which I am GLAD to say is OUTSIDE the front range restrictions.. Now will be the questions on installing an engine that is older than the manufactured year of the truck..
"Engine-switched vehicles have had the manufacturer's original certified engine configuration removed and replaced with another engine configuration.
It is a violation of both federal and state law to install an engine configuration into a vehicle chassis that is not certified by the EPA. Certified engine configurations must match either the same or newer model year as the vehicle chassis. Installing an engine that is older than the model year of the chassis is not legal. (See 11 CSR 50-2.280 (1)(A).)
All engine-switched vehicles are tested according to the model year of the chassis, which is determined from the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). If the vehicle passes its emission inspection, it can be registered. However, if the vehicle does not pass its emission test, a visual inspection will be conducted to identify any possible tampering or engine switching. If this visual inspection shows that a vehicle has an uncertified engine configuration, the vehicle cannot be registered. (See 11 CSR 50-2.280 (1)(E).)
Example: A 1997 Ford with a 2002 Ford engine will be tested using 1997 model year cutpoints. If the vehicle fails, a visual inspection will be conducted. The vehicle will need to be repaired to meet 1997 emission cutpoints. The repairs will include installing a certified engine configuration"
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