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Default Body/paint work...recommendations?

Now that the mechanicals and interior in my 1976 FJ40 are in
reasonable shape, it's the body's turn for some attention. It needs
a new rear sill, either repair or replacement of rear quarters, a
few additional rust spots addressed, and paint.

I failed art in kindergarten, and my hand skills have been going
downhill since then. So this is not something I want to do myself.

So...opinions wanted. Is it a good idea to send it out to a Cruiser 'restoration'
shop such as Proffitt's, Cruiser Corps, or Salida Cruisers? Or is there
a competent and reasonably priced body shop in the front range that
could do this, and do it well? I realize it will be big $$$ in any case,
and I've been saving $ with that in mind. I'm not looking for show/full
restoration quality, but I do want quality work at a fair price.

Opinions wanted! What do you think?

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