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I just did mine. Getting everything apart is always the easy part..... Getting it back together was what took a while. Now that I know how everything works, I think it could be done in an hour.

Couple of things...
There is no need to break any of the plastic tabs on the latch/arms. Seems like everyone on mud was breaking those off, they just rotate and unseat. As a matter of fact, there is no need to break anything, a little patience and common sense and it can be done.

I have a 2004 and my actuator motors have a flat spot on the shaft that drives the gear. I had to pull the small collar off the replacement motor and use a Dremel tool to file a flat spot on the shaft.

I just used a hair dryer on high to melt the glue on the clamshell to get the actuator motor out. Don't forget to glue the clamshell back together.

Happy to give someone a hand if they're about to tackle this. It would have been nice to have someone there who'd already done it when I got started. It took me a good few hours to get the first one done.
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