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Originally Posted by Corbet View Post
Get yourself a reloading book. It will provide the load instructions you need. I think your over thinking it a little. Save your empty shells from here on out. Tall brass for hunting loads and shorts for targets. Set up is pretty easy as the slide bar measures your shot and powder. Personally I've only loaded trap loads as dad always purchased his hunting loads. I'm guessing he did not want to invest into more equipment for only a box or two per year.
Maybe I'm overthinking it - but I want to be super cautious here - I don't wanna endup on an evening news...
I spent some time in the library this past weekend reading 'Basic Re-loading book' - it helped me some but still have few questions. I found a Lee's Load-All machine locally which I may spring for ($40.00). I need to get my hands on a Reloading manual next and read through specific recipes to know what I need. Thx
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