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Default H55 issues

I recently did a 2F swap in my '64 FJ40 along with an H55 & split case with the unobtainable parking brake drum conversion. Unfortunately, I think I screwed something up in the install. I've got 5 forward gears & reverse, however, there's issues with reverse. When backing out of the garage for my much anticipated test run the rig "jolted" to a neck break stop when I pushed in the clutch to shift into first gear. Of course I repeated this a half a dozen times with the same results. There's no grinding or obvious noise but something is definitely wrong. At any rate, I just pulled the t/c apart looking for something obvious & couldn't find anything. Anyone know anything about these & be willing to help a very frustrated 40 owner out? I need a functioning tranny & t/c that I can just bolt back in & hit the road? BTW, I've emailed Robbie as well.
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