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I have that scanner and I use Nikon's software (which is just OK) and VueScan into PS, but all on Mac OS X. VueScan is rock solid on the Mac, no idea on Windoze. I got a decent scanner years ago, when they were actually still made even, and kept it because I still use film and so if there is a shot I want to post I have no choice.

For batch scanning, even with the bulk loader, it's a PITA. The loader accepts I think 50 at a time and is prone to jamming, so I'd have to load less then 50 and babysit the thing anyway. I got what I paid for it on eBay and feeding them individually really isn't any slower once you get into the flow. Feed one, start scan, sip of beer, eject, start scan #2, sip beer, work on scan #1 in PS, sip beer, flip LP, eject, start scan #3, work on scan #2, sip beer, repeat until you pass out drunk.

If you do nothing but raw scans it takes about 30 to 45 seconds per slide at full resolution. You can batch process, although I find you still need to tweak for roll-to-roll variation, particularly with older E6 slides that are prone to color shift. It takes me about an hour or so per roll to scan, when you figure in cropping and adjustments.

Unless you really have the time, I would have them done. Services charge something like a quarter a slide with processing and usually a few cents per slide just for raw bulk. So at $1500 you're looking at 5,000 slides to break even. If you average 2 minutes a slide that's 165 hours of work and a ton of beer.
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