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Matt, you need to figure out how to get that round one from Sears hooked up to a belt drive/gear reduction setup, so you can have an actual rotisserie going on. Biggest downside to engine cooking is the hot side/cold side thing, particularly the further away you get from the manifold... it's sometimes tough to find that window of awesome when your burrito is warm all the way through, net not crunchy on the manifold side, or still icy in the middle or on the other side. And who has time to flip 'em..

I'm still scratching my head at the V8 engine... had some burritos on top of the radiator and they just got cold from the air coming into the engine, didn't really get hot despite an hour of solid driving. Need to get them closer to the manifold, but it's messy down there, and adding headers didn't help either.

As for the hot dogger, I have been pretty disappointed with that one, prefer wrapping stuff up in foil and tossing it into a grill. The hot dogger is thick, which slows down the heat transfer, and the lid doesn't seal perfectly so you still need to wrap stuff in foil. My results with that have been not-so-hot food, or slightly hotter dusty food.
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