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Default replacing the exhaust/intake gasket 2f

My 2f has developed a exhaust leak somewhere at the manifold. When the truck is in gear and engine under load there is a definite noise. I don't have any loss of power (just mpg's) but a strong smell of exhaust in the cab. I can't see any "deposits" of carbon per say but I am pretty sure it needs replacing. The exhaust is almost a year old, desmogged 2f with weber carb and oem intake/exhaust manifold.
My question is: is it pretty cut and dry pulling that apart? Can I keep the carb attached and pull the entire system back as one piece? I ordered a remflex gasket and will start spraying the pb blaster tonight. Any other pearls of wisdom from you guys?
BTW the exhaust tip is behind the rear tire and just sits about 1/4 inch past the body to help avoid exhaust being drawn in.
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