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I added the oil seperator and have driven about 30 miles. It's only collected like half-teaspoon. I'm going to drive it for 440 miles and see what I get.

Also, almost had a bad accident: Had some water get sucked into the PCV hose going into the manifold. Caught it quickly and shut it down. Nothing was ruined but a side effect was that the EGR for VSV is working again and check engine light went off. I thought that was interesting...

I noticed that having the kick-down cable working has a noticeable effect in certain circumstances that make me feel more confident that this thing isn't dead yet. Much better response and "power" feel going up hills and merging into traffic. I bet I get better mileage too.

At first it did not seem that the kick-down made that much difference but recently I have noticed some big differences.

I also did some visual blue smoke detection which revealed no big clouds of blue smoke. I'll be trying this several more times when I get the chance. Most likely then my oil is leaking out the rear seal and valve cover/spark plug gaskets. We'll see. Maybe I will rig up some kind of pan beneath the bell inspection hole and see how much I catch. Anyone know how to do that? Any ideas?

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