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I finally have possession of the truck during daylight without any pressing deadlines! Photo time!

Rust is definitely an issue, but this was probably the best one I saw.

Can't complain about an upside down bezel if it's not on the truck! Bungee cords are because the latches are in a box in the back.

I need to figure out what the deal is with the black plugs...

Is that a factory radio? I think it is! Does it work? Not a damn clue....

Most of the smaller bits are scattered around inside the truck... The box is a new SOR headliner.

I upholstery is VERY nice, and TEQ logos are on everything.

The floor is under there, I promise, and it's totally solid. This is the bad side.

All of the running gear has been completely rebuilt. The PO is a mechanic by trade (and definitely not a body man), and seems to have done an excellent job. All parts are OEM or SOR's aftermarket when OEM wasn't available.

Cold weather intake will come in handy up here!

A good portion of the engine compartment is also new. The engine itself hasn't been touched, and after having sat for the last 5-7 years, I might need to replace a few seals... The chrome horn is from a Harley.

A full set of 5 original wheels. Sadly (or happily depending on how you look at it), the hubcaps seem to be the only pieces missing (so far).
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