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Got the carb off. Date code is 11/8/73, so that makes me feel a bit more comfortable that I have the correct kit. I've found that carb kits tend to fall into one of two camps: so much stuff that someone unfamiliar with that particular model can easily be confused by all the leftover parts and their similarities, and missing key parts that leave the rebuilder stuck halfway through assembly digging through a trashcan hoping something wasn't destroyed/thrown away...

The truck is really complete and really original (as I've stated) and I'm waiting to find those PO "gifts" that always accompany older vehicles... Seats might be out of a 60-series, so there's (potentially) that unless someone knows otherwise. The carb date code is new info that adds further to the originality and completeness meter. VIN tag states an 11/73 production, and carb corroborates that fact. Are there any other dated things I might hunt for to get a little more precision?

For grins, and I know I'll probably hear some fairly low numbers, but what might be a fair price for a truck like this?
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