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Hey Martin,

Thanks! At this moment, only canvas, but if I can get some of my money back out, then possibly vinyl & maybe even a much higher end top in ltd. numbers (like Haartz or some other high end fabric). But that is predicated on being able to sell the canvas ones & get my investment back to begin with & all that good stuff...

My initial goal was to do this & make Colorado produced tops, which I thought would be reall cool. But I've wasted a year trying to find a vendor to do it. I had one lined up that was going to be awesome, but once they finally wrapped up their BesTop biz, they decided to retire instead. Everyone else isn't interested in new biz, "but knows a guy that would be perfect..." and they always fall through as well. One well known, local company wanted me to cut a check for 10k, just to consider the project & was not even willing to use the patterns/tech packs I've already produced. They would only start over & make their own, etc...

I work in Intl. Sourcing & Logistcs, and Erica is a Licensed Customs Broker, & has some great agents in Pakistan, so we feel at least pretty comfortable in this arena. So we figured if anyone could make Pakistan sourcing work, we ahve a good shot at it.

Not selling any yet, but I do have 12 sets of OEM bows, 3 sets of OEM soft doors & some other odds & ends coming in soon. These two tops will be for sale at some sort of discounted price once I think I've got everything done with them. They are considered finished goods in Pakistan, but I wanted to get a couple to check out, before I commited to 15 or 20 of them, just to be safe. I would definitely like to have another rig to test fit on, as mine is just a single vehicle (74 if it matters), and the more checks, the better I figure. When the time comes, I was actually thinking about hitting you up to see if you would let me use your truck for some nicer photos. As you can see, my 40 is kind of rough, and doesn't run. So that makes it tough for any good pics...

If you are interested, maybe we could work out a bargain rate for a top for the test fitting/photo op...

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Looks really good! Are you only doing canvas? And why Pakistan? That was a nightmare getting stuff shipped from Ehsan. Other than the potential shipping grief, I sure am glad to see another source for OEM style tops.

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