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Extra fabric should be easy enough. I'm planning on only, "stocking" black, white, ODish green, so I would just need to remember to order an extra 10 yards of each or so, & cut it off, sending it with the top when/if people want it. That shouldn't be hard at all. Do you happen to know if people generally put a varnish, or some sort of hardner on stock doors, or is it also just soft canvas? Mine are old & either just hard from age, or had somethign applied at one point. Not sure which...

Do you have plans tomorrow? I could throw the tops into the truck & either meet you in Golden if you are willing, or even come up to Evergreen if need be. Or, if you are just dying for a topless road trip before it gets too cold, you could definitely come to Boulder. If not tomorrow, anytime would really work for me. I just figure the sooner the better, since we won't have a ton of great days left this year. If not tomorrow, just let me know what might work for you & I'll figure out how to arrange it on my end.


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Sounds good. Glad to hear you have some of the logistics with shipping figured out ahead of the game.

Will you be able to get any extra canvas material to match soft doors to tops? I have vinyl on mine now and they need to be repaired/replaced some point too. If I was able to get a top, it would be great to match the doors.

Let me know when you would like to test fit, I would be happy to drive over sometime.
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