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Originally Posted by gr8fulabe View Post
Extra fabric should be easy enough. I'm planning on only, "stocking" black, white, ODish green, so I would just need to remember to order an extra 10 yards of each or so, & cut it off, sending it with the top when/if people want it. That shouldn't be hard at all. Do you happen to know if people generally put a varnish, or some sort of hardner on stock doors, or is it also just soft canvas? Mine are old & either just hard from age, or had somethign applied at one point. Not sure which...

Not sure, but I had a set of doors with a original fabric on them and you're right, it seemed like they had been "varnished". Really thick canvas too. My current doors are OEM, but I think the vinyl on them is replacement. It matched my Pakistan vinyl top pretty well though.

Originally Posted by gr8fulabe View Post
Do you have plans tomorrow? I could throw the tops into the truck & either meet you in Golden if you are willing, or even come up to Evergreen if need be. Or, if you are just dying for a topless road trip before it gets too cold, you could definitely come to Boulder. If not tomorrow, anytime would really work for me. I just figure the sooner the better, since we won't have a ton of great days left this year. If not tomorrow, just let me know what might work for you & I'll figure out how to arrange it on my end.

PM'd you about tommorow.

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