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@ BigCity25 - no worries, I plan to import tops & bows to begin with, and hopefully eventually be a sourch for tailgates, soft amby doors, everythign soft top related. So if all goes well, it will be easy to supply all you need when the time comes.

@Wes - Actually pics of two tops, one blackish grey & one green. The window pic is the inside of the top, with no binding. They pretty much all look like that on the inside, as does my OCD top. I'm not sure of any way to combat the actual realities of cutting/sewing woven cloth, other than to add binding to the inside as well, just to make it look better. I'm game for that, but people would have to agree that the improvement in looks was worth the cost. I'll discuss with in my next e-mail.

@Dan - The Zippers are locally sourced in Pakistan, but seem solid so far. I"m considering just pushing through with supply YKK"s from here, jsut because it is a big concern across the board with people that have bought past Paki tops. I don't actually see anythign wrong with these & they seem good, but it would take a year of testing to really know. Again, depends a lot on costs, etc...

@Ige - I trying to build as good a top as I can, while still targeting around a $600 top, since that seems to be a price point that people are, "married" to for Pakistani tops. But a lot will depend on exactly how much goes into them. I don't want to overbuild where I don't have to, but I certainly want to make a top that people willl be proud to run on their trucks. If that ultimately adds to cost, hopefully it will be in the right areas. In all honesty, no chance on a 25 series top by/for Xmas. I won't even have 40 tops by then I don't think. But I do want to try and develop a 25/early 40 top if possible. As you know, there is no other way to get them now. So even if demand will always be small, if I could sell enough to cover development costs, it would be a cool way to help out the cruiser community.

@MDH - back at you. Great to meet you & thanks so much for spending a chunk of you Sunday letting me borrow your truck for test fits! Attached is a pic of your truck with the blackish grey top!

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