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After checking the tops out in person, here's my impression. I'm pretty familiar with both the vinyl and canvas tops that Ehsan used to sell, and this top is pretty similar to the canvas one.

1. It was a little short on my bows and wouldn't have been easy to turnbuckle in place if the grommets were there, but I think my bows are a little tall for some reason.

2. I think that the material along the bottom where the turn buckle grommets go would need to be doubled up or reinforced in order to keep the canvas from ripping. Same with the bottom along the back where the straps would be sewn in.

3. The straps for the footman loops would work better with a pair of D-rings rather than the buckles. Or maybe some sort of buckle with more "tooth"?

4. With the side and back rolled up, the footman loop straps are the only thing that hold the top in place and they would come loose easily if not made more secure.

5. The side window panel that rolls up needed to be shifted back about and inch or two in order to better align with the location of the stock turnbuckle holes.

6. The pieces that slide into the tracks on the windshield and around the doors would be improved if made from something durable like hypalon. The canvas can be easily ripped by the tracks and all of them on my old vinyl top have splits and are a pain.

7. The inside cut edges of the windows are a little rough looking. Only cosmetic, but it would be nicer if they were folded over and more edging used.

8. The zippers didn't have any covers to keep them from hanging down and flapping in the wind and contacting paint. Ykk zippers with real terminal ends would be an improvement as Abe mentioned.

That's all I can think of. Hope you can get the kinks worked out for tHe next batch. Keep me posted and I hope to order one. I liked the gray/black a lot.

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