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Default Moab Pre-Run/Trail Leader Training 3/15-3/17

Letís do our Moab Pre-Run\Trail Leader Training on the weekend of March 15th at Area BFE like we have in the past. I will plan to get in Thursday 3/14 before dark to setup camp and start a fire.

We can run trails Friday and Sat. Then hit a trail on the way out Sunday. We will plan to run multiple trails in a day and keep moving like we have in the past.

Our trail boss Jeff Zepp wonít be able to attend. However, with all the trail leader work he is doing early on he plans to have most of the trail leaders, trails and participants identified in advance of this weekend. We can let that information drive what we want to run and who needs to work on what etc. Gunner lists can also be worked on.

I personally look forward to this event every year running multiple trails all day and camping at BFE. It will be fun.
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