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Default Drive Train Thumping Noise

I've had my 78 FJ40 for a few months and I'm trying to diagnose a strange thumping/knocking sound coming from the transfer case or clutch area. It occurs when I'm turning with the clutch depressed. Prime example is when I'm backing out of the garage in a turn and coasting to a stop. Doesn't matter if I'm going forward or reverse. It's not a metal on metal sound...more like a sound of something "thonk, thonk, thonk" until I straight out and engage the tranny. I've checked all motor mounts, exhaust system and checked for any loose parts but found nothing. It does have a rear Aussie locker but the sound not coming from the rear axle but the locker may be culprit? It's not the front axle because the sound still exists after installing new bearings and locking hubs (that is where I though it potentially coming from prior to doing the rebuild). Thoughts? Thanks. Doug
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