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Originally Posted by Air Randy View Post
Thats called "torque steer" and the only way to stop it is to ditch the aussie locker.

Does it make the noise when you are turning if the clutch isnt depressed? Try backing up & turning like you do but put it in neutral, let the clutch out and see if the noise is still there while coasting.

As previously stated, its most likely the aussie locker as they are really noisy when turning tightly on pavement. They will thump and click pretty good, every now and then it will let out a loud BANG! and you'll think you broke an axle.
I did notice the clunking when decellerating on a tight, down hill off-ramp without the clutch depressed. The PO gave me the original rear diff parts so the aussie locker will be removed. I was planning to drive the rig some in the snow but I'd be in the ditch after the first "torque steer" hits me. Wish I had the funds for front/rear ARB air lockers
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