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This discussion reminds me of the decision I made to ditch the Aussie that came with Ken's 40- which is now happily in service in Papa Root's rig.. I too didn't like the torque steer, or the loud clunks at the supermarket, and I had another truck with lockers, etc.

my thought was then, and still is today, that particularly when you're just beginning wheeling a stockish/mildly built 40 should be more about line selection, momentum, some left foot, and knowing the vehicle. For that one obstacle where you just can't get it, that's why you have a winch, or a strap and a guy in front of you. And if you don't have a winch or a guy then you don't do those trails alone. Only after you've mastered the vehicle, do you then add lockers & push it further. 40's aren't supposed to be point & shoot like some of the newer wagons right out of the gate. Just my opinion, obviously.

What clinched that was leading Kane Creek one year, and seeing this guy Dave (in2cruisers, iirc) do the whole thing completely open. He had a 2" lift and 33 x 9.50 tires. The ditch, the shelf road, the waterfall at the end.. he cleaned it all, even after multiple bigger, better built, locked up trucks struggled and even dug it up more. It's cool to see someone who actually knows how to drive wheel for a change, and that day I wanted to be like that guy.
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